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Message Subject Palestinians Beg UN - Obama to Side With Muslims If Political Winds Shift...Here We Go!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
You Liberal fuckers voted in a Muslim Traitor! Enjoy
the coming War!
 Quoting: Nam Marine 24695931

Obombo is a Jew:

Jewish Faces in the Government:
[link to jewishfaces.com]
For Example:
Barry Soetoro ("Barack Obama").
He has a Jewish mother, and this makes him literally a Jew by Jewish law.
Another Example:
Hillary Clinton
Announced to AIPAC that she's a Jew, said that she learned Yiddish from her grandmother.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 10870676

This !

C'mon guys.. Obama is a mere puppet in the hands of much powerfull forces and they are not muslims.

Use logic and ask yourselves simple questions such as :

- Who owns the media that put Obama in his position by portraying him as the Messiah ? Muslims ?

- Who controls the financial and corporate world that financed his campagins and backed him in this race for presidency ? Muslims ?

- What are the "origins" of his staff, crew and counsellors ? Muslims ?

The American democracy was designed to be almost flawless as it has checks and balances that disables a group to take over. Obama cannot by himself help Muslims infiltrate and take over the USA, it is just impossible and please don't bother coming up with some BS youtube video about the infiltration of the "Muslim Brotherhood" in the govermnent.

No the only way to corrupt the system is to control it from all the components of its paradigm. Have people with the believers others with the atheist, some democrats other republicans, own the media and the altermedia (GLP...), a lot in big corporations and some in the ecological mouvements... and above all : control its money and its banks.

Sorry but all the clues point towards only a group of people and they are not Muslims.
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