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Message Subject Most American men under 40 will be drafted for the coming war
Poster Handle IssueX
Post Content
im too fat for war.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 9927807

No you're not.

Army loosens weight restrictions to aid recruiting
The Army and other service branches have relied on waiver programs --- essentially, workarounds to the traditional admission standards --- to meet recruiting targets as ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan continue to strain the military.
[link to ohmygov.com]

They relaxed the standards for Iraq and Afghanistan. What makes you think that they wouldn't relax them for World War 3?
 Quoting: Wonkish

I agree there will be a draft

Youth unemployment is huge and growing and there is no solution

There aren't enough jobs for these people, especially as robotics rapidly are eliminating manufacturing jobs even in the developing world

It wouldn't be the first time that a government running out of options started a war to draft frustrated young people

A large population of unemployed youth is a hazard to an impotent government. Riots and unrest are a given as the kids start to figure out just how screwed they are

This goes back to the Romans who always had a war somewhere to keep the young busy while the old men plotted more theft, lol

No doubt it will be the same in the UK and probably Europe

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