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Message Subject Most American men under 40 will be drafted for the coming war
Poster Handle IssueX
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Once again folks, I'm telling you that there are no plans to re-instate the draft. There is no budget for it and even an approval process would require an act of congress, not an Obama order.
In reality, we have very few volunteers who have been trained to be on a draft board, and in a time of emergency it would take quite a long time to make it run well. They would probably have to promote all of today's trained volunteers to paid positions to train other volunteers to set up enough boards.
It takes months to train soldiers, and if people are seeking to have an exemption, even longer time will be required. The draft is for 19 to 23 on average with the age of 27-30 still possible as reserve.
All loopholes to avoid being drafted were closed long ago. There are basically NO exemptions save for Pastoral or Priesthood.
This is the worst rumor mill, and statements mentioned about drafting people up to 40 are fiction.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27819625

Could be, but I do know that Charles Rangel, Democrat from NY, has been pushing for a draft for years...and he is in favor of drafting people up to the age of 42

The NY Times:

He (Rangel) should be better known for a piece of legislation he has sponsored in several different sessions of Congress, never to any avail.

Known as HR 5741, it would essentially reinstate a service draft for Americans from the ages of 21 to 42, thus ending the all-volunteer military force that has fought wars for us since the latter years of Vietnam.

[link to ideas.time.com]

In his own words:

Rangel: A Compulsory Military Draft is All That's Left

In addition, when Obama first took office in 2009, he was talking about mandatory service for 19-25 year olds in a "civilian" corps.

Maybe that went away, or maybe it was just dormant until it was ready to be resurrected

Obama's Plan for The Draft- MANDATORY SERVICE everyone 18-25

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