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Message Subject Most American men under 40 will be drafted for the coming war
Poster Handle Daersoulkeeper
Post Content
What about women? Think they would consider drafting us?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 14848472

Why wouldn't they? Equal rights remember?
 Quoting: JesseDart

Obama to Put Women in Combat

YouTube Debate: Require Women to Register for the Draft?

Hillary says Yes, it's only fair, as do most on the panel

Absolutely. In fact, as the argument goes, it would unfair to keep them away from the front line.

Women fought for equal rights, now they get to share the full range of male experiences

The precedent has been set in Israel, where both sexes have been required to serve in the military for decades

I hate war, but I have been following this topic for a decade, and I saw discussion to expand SSS to include women begin after 9/11, fwiw.

Selective Service eyes women's draft

The proposal would also require registration of critical skills

Published 10:00 p.m., Friday, April 30, 2004

Some of the skill areas where the armed forces are facing "critical shortages" include linguists and computer specialists, the agency said. Americans would then be required to regularly update the agency on their skills until they reach age 35.

[link to www.seattlepi.com]

Here is an interesting discussion of the draft on Constitution.net, fwiw. Wouldn't it be interesting if the decision to require women to register for SSS came about as the result of a lawsuit by parents of a son?

The acceptance of women into the military in the late 20th century had largely dispelled any myth that women cannot serve as effective combat troops, though women are still restricted from holding some positions in the military.

In addition, other militaries, such as that of Israel, where women serve in all roles, further dispel this myth.

The change to add women to the draft will, however, only come about with a sea change in American perception and law.

[link to www.usconstitution.net]
 Quoting: IssueX

minus well just shoot myself if they draft women. FUCK THAT SHIT

she said "woman can do anything men can do if not better"


i dont want sally talking her ass off and getting emotional in combat.

unless of course its required they give BJs while were fighting for a moral boost
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