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Message Subject Most American men under 40 will be drafted for the coming war
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
From A Draft Board Volunteer:
All loopholes to escape a draft have been closed. No going to foreign countries, no hardship claim outside of a very serious situation, no gay excuse, no College exemption, no nothing.
One person said there would be a revolt rather than people be drafted. I am not sure really. It's possible, but remember all those Anti-Vietnam protesters? They didn't topple the government back then, who has such backbone now?

As to women. Have you had any experience with women in battle or violent situations? I did, as a cop in the ghetto for 25 years. The women on the job hid most of the time, would stand and watch and stare while you were getting your head beat in by a suspect and I used to watch them on assignments to dangerous locations like a "Disturbance inside a motorcycle club" They would arrive first and if you were not there they would keep going, then when you announced on the radio that you were on location they would arrive about five to 10 minutes later.
They should have been fired, but because of lawsuits and the threats of ones, they would STEAL half of our arrest credits and give them to the worthless officers doing nothing, so that when the FED came to check on their progress the city would show false activity books to show that women could INDEED do that job. What hypocrisy! I was lucky not to get hurt out there and I had to handle a lot of assignments on my own without any backup.
I Had another girl arrive on a crime scene that turned out to be one in progress with a stabber, she threw up at the sight of blood and ran away. I had to check the house out myself and found a victim in the kitchen stabbed about 20 times. What happened to her? She is executive vice president of the health plan for the Union.
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