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Message Subject Is this NOT proof of chemtrails?
Poster Handle aliensbro
Post Content
"buy the DVD" "dramatic effect"


How is a DVD created by OTHER chemtards any more evidence than what you chemtards spew in forums?! It's the same ignorant nonsense.

The trails are contrails. There is no evidence that what you see in the sky, has anything to do with what you just posted. HR2977 was about keeping war out of space...And the trails we see have NOTHING to do with that bill! The only reason you people link this bill...to the trails, is because you are stupid and paranoid...not to mention hilariously pathetic.

These are facts. Go ahead...connect dots that don't even exist.

You may not know that you're paranoid...but I know you are!

you can download for free retard....

contrails go away, they dont expand for hours.
you cant use chemtrails in space. look in the sky.

and I would guess that you think a jetliner fits through a 16 foot hole before evaporating.
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