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Message Subject Perhaps Mitt Romney is the LUCK ONE....
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
he was meant and promised to lose.

who but an asshole would vote for that lying psycho worm?

no one.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 29099231

Exactly. But he is a fantastic actor. Made it seem so real to the sheeple. you know the generally hardworking people who effectively pay 60%+ plus in taxation. People who dont have investments like mitt romney does that are wholly protected by the MIC and judicial system that the sheeples taxes pay for. The people who could have vastly different lives if not for that burden. Mitt Romney, mitt romneys' children, mitt romneys' childrens' children will have exactly the same life whether he has INVESTMENT INCOME fairly taxed on a $300 million dollar fortune. OR his INVESTMENT INCOME is tax free in the caymen islands and a working mans IRA.

These are the sheeple that think either: 1) someday they would be like mitt romney with a tax free fortune or 2) Mitt Romney is a superior human being and we need to deify him for it.

These are the type of sheeple like that poor nurse for the skanky future queen of england.

May the good lord take up that poor nurse. She is in a better place now.
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