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Message Subject I believe WW III has just started
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

Not WW III, but it could be a major regional war.
 Quoting: mathetes

Wouldn't ww3 be inevitable if a regional war happened?

If the whole region goes after Israel, someone would have to step in on Israels behalf.
 Quoting: *Evan*

No world war till China gets involved. Im betting on Red Dawn..

Everyones buying their little trinkets at Walmart and watching Israel which doesnt give a hoot about Christians and their wacky beliefs in Jesus. Meanwhile all the christian soccer moms are praising JAY SUS ! while showing their rich church friends the shofar they bought in Israel. (yawn) They like the tourist money Christians hand over, that is all.

All the middle east chaos distracting us from the great dragon about to awaken which is China.

Yes and no. China is awake. they would be happy to provide materiel for WWIII and then take over, just like the USA did during the WWI&WWII cycle.

to the AC, it is not WWIII if only the USA is involved. That would just be a continuation of "the war on terra"

Would take a major european power and or russia to commit. Then all the defensive pact treaties and backstabbing knives start going off like a string of cheap firecrackers.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27711841

That too, Add Europe and Russia along with China involvement and we will have WW3. I just wish the doomtards on GLP will wipe their drool and wait until those additions before they cry World War.
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