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Message Subject Breaking: USA has join the SSP: Keshe Foundation
Poster Handle Oengus
Post Content
Did I not say that Australia would do nothing until uncle sam gave them the nod? There's the proof.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 15056784

and it was a big nod. start asking the media there to cover this story, i have already send an email to most media here asking them to do the same.
 Quoting: Oengus

My guess is the media will need verification from the embassy or government. I intend to send the Australian embassy in Belgium an email to confirm receipt of the usb stick. However I will be surprised if they bother to reply. I am still waiting for a reply to an email I sent a couple of months ago concerning the Keshe Foundation and their technology.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 15056784

I am still sending emails out to the media here hopping one of them will at least start asking some questions. I have also sent an email to the US Embassy asking Mr.Gutman the same thing. Because we all have to remember one thing here, without asking questions we will get no answers.
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