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Message Subject Breaking: USA has join the SSP: Keshe Foundation
Poster Handle Oengus
Post Content
Back in 2000 and something, I found a website called cyberspaceorbit or something like that, which was owned by a man called Kent Steadman, who has since passed away, God bless him. He had a friend called Elaine and she had this forum called godlikeproductions.com

I was a true fan of Kent and loved that forum. Later, in 2005 I had the worst luck in my life on meeting through myspace a man called Mike Burdett, or DJ Mikey B like he used to call himself. We had a bit of contact but a short while later, I suspected this man was hacking into my myspace so tried to broke off all contact with him, but he kept pursuing me in the weirdest way! I had found this drawing tool where people in different computers could draw on the same screen. As I started to use it, this man would also be there, all the time and everyday.

At that time I was living in The Netherlands and this man in California, so I was 9 hours ahead of him so it was a bit freaky that he would be there always, all the time. Later on I thought the whole situation was too bizarre and again tried to stop having contact with him. But this time, when I told him so, later that day I tried to visit godlikeproductions.com but i had been banned from the site. I was really surprised because I had never posted anything or interacted with anyone there.

A few weeks before, I had noticed that the site had changed owners, and now the new owner called himself Trinity, which happened to be the county this Mike Burdett had moved to from San Diego. At that time, I didnt think much of it because I thought it was impossible this man would know I visited that website.

Many years have passed by, and the stalking of this man has escalated to the point where I had to leave Holland in fear this man would go there and kidnap me or something because it came to the point where he took over my computer, smart phone and internet connection, became the administrator of all of that and started to harass me by not letting me use the equipment, or ruining the programs i was trying to use. Locked me out of my email accounts and messenger accounts, deleted emails before I read them, followed me through the phone GPS and started hacking the computers of the places I went to as well as the companies that I worked with.

I came back home to be with my family and feel more protected from this man, but that didn't change anything and now he has hacked my whole my family and all of our equipment is connected to his server just like he did in Holland. He manipulates how the pages are displayed, what searches results come up on the internet and all the same he did before. We are truly desperate as we are cyber hostages of this man, and all of our communication channels are monitored and controlled by this psychopath.

There is a case with the FBI, INTERPOL and local police, this man knows it, since he knows everything we do and still doesn't care. The DA's office in California called him to investigate and he blatantly lied saying it was me hacking him and that I had called him to say I wanted to have his baby. This is how crazy this man is.

We know he is armed and dangerous and has no respect for law enforcement.

This has gone on for so long because we are in different countries and that makes everything more difficult but we are confident that soon he will be brought to justice. He has made our lives a living hell and we will only be free of this when this man is put away.
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Who are you talking about? And what does that have to do with this?
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