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Message Subject Breaking: USA has join the SSP: Keshe Foundation
Poster Handle Kii of Earth
Post Content
Basically what Mehran Keshe is saying is that we have been thinking about the Atom and how it works, on some levels, incorrectly. We have a good grasp on electricity, though it it still called Electrical Theory, not the Law of Electricy, like the Law of Gravity.

If I'm reading that material properly,
He is stating that the electrons behave differently that we were previously taught. and move with more purpose and influences to their nature, and that the force motivating them is Plasmatic in form, and that there is a new way to think about Plasma in a controlled gravo-magnetic environment.

He mentioned in a lecture that one of the things that made him rethink Atomic Physics is when he realized something in class at university when one of his teachers made the claim that the magnetic field around the Earth was due to the Molten Iron core that is rotating. So he ask his Prof how the Sun can also have a very similar magnetic shield structure around it yet was a gaseous sun...

Think about that. Whats the answer?
Plasma, the 4th state of matter. (ok some say 5th) but either way, its empirical.
Add controlled magnetics against the gravity shear axis and safely tap creational forces and with great benefit.

If I don't have that entirely right, my bad, but its very close to it.

I agree with the OP, email your media and the senators you're paying for with links and inquiries.

Or prove it wrong, but if he pulls this off, its a Global Game Changer.

Our World can be this interesting, its right there in front of us.
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