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Message Subject Breaking: USA has join the SSP: Keshe Foundation
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

Then use this claim to prove it once and for all.
 Quoting: Oengus

So 10,000 people send the MSM e-mails asking them to cover it...
What does that accomplish?

You're asking a government pawn to report on the government and expect them to expose the truth?

Keep dreaming.
 Quoting: CalmShock

You never know, it seems to be working in Italy. They have got the question asked during a parliament secession last week.

And can we not go above the MSM with this to and force them to cover this using Facebook, Twitter, and all those other ones. Could they not be forced to cover this by asking the questions that way?

I do not not care at this point which way it come out, I just want the facts out there.
 Quoting: Oengus

If the technology is real, and they're handing it out like candy on Halloween, the truth will become evident soon enough. If all nations share this knowledge, the only way to keep it secret is for EVERY nation that has it to work together to keep it secret. Assuming that's not what the Keshe Foundation has in mind, the Keshe Foundation will release it to the world.

If they're giving it away, why not just post all the info on their website?

If countries are talking about it, then there may still be a wizard behind the curtain on this one. The tech itself is likely bullshit though.
 Quoting: CalmShock

No, they are not handing it all out, just a part of it. Nothing is free you know.
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