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Message Subject Love is in the air. Can you feel it:)
Poster Handle DoubleHelix
Post Content

Life is beautiful and i can see it changing before my eyes.

All it takes is the willingness to change for the better and the divine way will clear a path for you. This is the divine law of the way.

Lets bring this down to earth for some who may be wondering. I started getting serious about deeper meditation a weak ago. Now i will be moving closer to family, leaving my currently dead end job and working with my father as a carpenter starting january. My mothers old house is starting to fall apart and was talking about spending more money than she has to get it all repaired. My grandfather built that house and is to old to repair it now. But my father has been a carpenter for over 15 years and i worked with a master carpenter from Thailand for over a year. After the house is repaired, me and my father will be going to New Jersey to help with repairs there next year, starting with his parents house. And will be awesome. Life is awesome now. The energy i feel is so intense but also comes down just like every one else(so that my body can cope with it). I am no more special than anyone else here and anyone can do this transition on their own beginning with the want to do it and the effort put forth. Then everything will come together for you. I promise. That is the way of the divine. Once it is discovered by your higher self that you are making a real effort. All negative aspects of your life will begin to be cleared away.

And all this came together within A WEEK after my meditation started.

You all can do this too.

I love you all and i love the all.

Love and unity, DH
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