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Message Subject Love is in the air. Can you feel it:)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I dunno, apart from feeling anything I reached outside myself and did something really difficult that ended up making me feel pretty solid. I know a friend of the family who was just put in a nursing home. She has nobody, i mean no family. I went over to her apartment, got her some clothing and collected some items like photos/a photo album/teddy bear/some little chachkas.

Then I went to the home tonight and put the clothing in drawers and hung them up for her. I also put out some photos she had at her apartment. She was asleep the entire time. Then I went to talk to her. She didn't really know me at first...she is nearly deaf. So I tried talking right in her ear. I didn't give up, said my name a few times. Then her face lit up with recognition, and she wanted to TALK! I listened and let her hold my hand for a long time. This is what-1 hr of my life- but this is her death bed/room basically. It's a little painful but I'm glad I could do a kindness. Told her I'd be back this weekend with my mom to pop in.

Love is great, but giving is best. Giving of your time/your self. Reaching out to others in pain. Just taking an action, one action, to make a person feel better. Make them smile, give them something that will bring them happiness.

Without this, what is life? Without small acts/sacrifices/outreaches...what is love? We need to be there for each other and not just in words but in presence and acts. Humans need to link up in a series of acts of support that leave each one supported. And that's really love.
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