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Message Subject Love is in the air. Can you feel it:)
Poster Handle Coma Patient #7
Post Content
I've been practicing this the last few days, trying to expand my Love to encompass the world and beyond, taking on as much as I can and sharing it with everything. It's part of my chi training, to strengthen and expand my chi. Which is the manipulation of body's basic functions controlled by the lower brain, including the bodies electromagnetic field or aura.

I must admit this is my first attempt using an emotion, it's normally just me messing around, but I decided to try an emotion and love seemed appropriate with all the negativity going around "myself included". I've held it for almost two days now, but I'm taking a break for a bit to regather my strength as I'm still new to all of this, not that it was likely me you felt. ;)

But if it was, I'm still not balanced so I may be doing it again in another day or two, possibly off and on through the next week or two until I can balance myself. As I look at my state of emotional well being like a scale and mine needs more positive experiences "emotions" to balance out. So I can stay centered with less effort.

Not to mention it really pisses off the telepath or what ever is stalking my mind. Which is just an added bonus for me.
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