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Message Subject Love is in the air. Can you feel it:)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
A poem I wrote years ago. Hope it fits in this thread. ;-)

Moments of friendship

Only a few more weeks to December
And another year has passed us by
A year of which we will remember
Moments that made us laugh and cry

Unexpected changes, right and wrong
Newborn friendships, sad goodbyes
Touch decissions, a happy song
Jumps for joy and heartfelt sighs

Life is but a bunch of moments
Glued together in a period of time
Some you would want to last forever
For others you wouldn´t give a dime

Always remember the hearts you touched
Smile at the moments they touched you
Take them with you on your travels
´Cause they will always carry you through

Sometimes life forces us another way
And leads us away from the ones we love
But true friends are like guarding angels
Little shining stars from heaven above

I cherish this year for the opportunity
Of meeting beautiful people like you
It were your smiles that touched my heart
And made my grey skies turn to blue

May the new year bring you happiness
And keep your troubles far behind
Know Where ever the roads may take you
You are always on someone´s mind

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