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Message Subject Love is in the air. Can you feel it:)
Poster Handle DoubleHelix
Post Content

I was amazed when me body woke this morning to find how much this grew. I had to read through it all befor i decided to comment. I'm speechless. This is our time to shine. Let this love flow through your heart's. Feel that connection we lost grip of for to long. It is and was always there. Within and all around. We just needed to reconnect with it(with a lil help). The friction created only helped us realize this is not what we want. It pushed us to look past the hate and fear. Not wanting any more of it. We had enough. We know what we want. It is our natural selves. The way our spirits are ment to flow. Now let it grow inside, so that light can shine as an example for others to see. So that they will know that they are not alone, and can reconect with the true frequince of spirit and Source. In time, we all will feel and see it.

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