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11/15/2012 05:40 PM
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(I am not sure of this and I am not telling anyone to do it)

First the hero would have to purify. To purify we must find a deserted place (like an empty room with only a bed, or some place outside like in a forest) and stay in this place fasting (going without food but drinking some water) and praying, for as long as we can (prophets did it for 40 full days). It must be a deserted place with no riches and no humans to talk to, this is how we become worryless, and not by emptying our minds by force. When we fast and our stomachs finish digesting all the food that we ate and the impurities it sucks from our bodies, it stops digesting, so all the energy that goes to our stomachs for digestion goes to all of our body and it heals. Being in prayer purifies the mind and this allows for the energy that is all around us to enter into our bodies and so we are filled with it. After some time we become powerful beings of light and we can materialize our desires by simply doing as if though we already had what we wanted during prayer, or by faith that is a thought that we keep coming back to.

Then the hero must take a sword. The sacrifice that the priests offer to the Lord Yahuwah can forgive any offence, so that anything bad we have done to others never come back to us, however, I am not sure if this includes the offence of killing others.

Then the hero starts his adventure, he explores cities, towns, villages, ect. He enjoys the wonder of the things he sees and experiences, like peoples with different races, languages, customs, different buildings, he tastes their foods, contemplates their music, ect. With the power of his faith he can reach any destination of planet Earth in a matter of seconds, however, he can make it more interesting if he wants, like travel by horse, by boat, by ship, by air, ect.

As the hero explores and adventures he is always looking for a person who would be willing to listen to him (he searches the heart) to teach him the Truth that Jesus revealed. He teaches them:
-those who go full will go hungry and those who go hungry will go full, those who cry will laugh and those who laugh will cry, god humbles the great one and exalts the humble one.
-when you make up a party do not envite your friends who would then invite you back and you would be fully paid, instead invite the poor because they are not able to pay you back and in this way you get blessed by the Lord; if someone hits you on the right cheek offer him the left, if someone tells you to carry his load for a mile carry it two miles.
-The sacrifice that the priests offer to the Lord Yahuwah can forgive any offence, any bad thing we have done to others is forgiven, so that it never comes back to us.
-Jesus went into the desert where he fasted for 40 full days, then he began doing miracles; if you do as if though you already had what you wanted during prayer, then it would come true; faith is just a thought we keep coming back to; anything that is not done by faith is sinning.
-about sexual relations: husbands do not deny your wives, wives do not deny your husbands, it is not sinning, but you should go back to fasting and prayer from time to time; if someone divorces he must wait until his expartner dies, for him to be able to marry again, if he marries before, he is guilty of making his expartner commit sexual immorality; raise your children with christian teachings (and the 10 commandments that resume in 'love everyone as you love yourself, and love God over everything); if you want to be wealthy you must make justice to the poor and not have an exaltive personality; work hard and do not be lazy.
-if you want to be taken to the Lord's home planet: pray always that you will be found worthy to escape all the bad things that are coming.
-whoever has left families for Jesus' sake and the scriptures, will receive a hundred times more persecutions, tests, schemes, in this present age, and eternal life in the age to come; sell all your riches and give the money to the poor, by doing this you will have riches in the Lord's home planet.
-but the one who says: 'God have mercy on me, a sinner', and goes and sins, mercy will be shown; the body is going to die beacuse of sin but the spirit will be saved because it is righteous; to live according to the spirit means love, joy, kindness, goodness, patience, humility, faithfulness, selfcontrol.
-the living will not go up ahead of those who have died, the dead shall rise first, then together with those who are alive and remain, will be caugh up in the clouds to meet our Lord Jesus in the air, and we shall always be with the Lord.
-those who are not found worthy to escape will receive a final test, a world ruler will order all humans to take a mark on their hands or forehead in order to be able to buy and sell, we must not take it, we will be put to death but the Lord Jesus will later resurrect us to become eternal life.
-we are not wresstling against a human opponent, we are wresstling against the rulers of this world and against the wicked spiritual authoritites that control evil in the heavenly realms (rulers of the Universe that include Satan and his angels); Jesus said: from the time that John the Baptist preached the message until now the Lord's home planet has suffered violent attacks and violent men try to seize it; but if the Lord Yahuwah is for us, who can be against us.

The hero would also drive out demons, heal leprosy, heal the sick, the blind, ect.

If someone invites the hero into his home, the hero must say: 'peace be with you'. If the home is deserving (like they invite us food, or drink, or tell us to sit on their couch), we let our peace rest in it.

If someone is willing to follow the hero in his adventure to help him spread the Truth and make justice to the oppressed, he invites them. He makes them purify and they also take a sword.

If the heroes need to eat, they would pray for fruit fields or trees, or hunt for meat, or fish, then they would make a fire, cook it, and eat it. If they need to sleep, they would look for a place to lay down and rest, like on the grass. There is no need to shower, with the power of their faith they would keep themselves clean all the time. If they need more energy they would separate and go to a deserted place to purify.

As the heroes explore and adventure they will be persecuted by evil people, including the rulers of this world and the rulers of the Universe. If someone tries to harm the heroes, they would use their sword or fire from their mouths to defeat their opponent and defend themselves. Sacrifice can forgive any offence, but I am not sure if this includes the offence of killing others.

If the heroes find any type of oppression in any place (like witchcraft, mind control, slavery, terrorism, ect), they would make justice to the oppressed by punishing the evil oppressors with death.

The heroes will then become kings with Jesus and rule the Earth for 1000 years. They become eternal life and live in the kingdom that will have no end, and they also enjoy the wonder of traveling the Universe, explore and adventure planets, reveal the truth to the righteous beings, and make justice to the oppressed by punishing the evil oppressors with death, forever and for fun.