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Message Subject You Americans love war, you crave it and it might reach your doorstep soon.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Reality check.

Human nature takes the lowest common denominator as a stereotype to label the mass consciousness of a people or country.

Yet, just a small minority of rich elitist bastards control the media enough to make you think that's what we want.

It's a war that THEY want ... and it's a war primarily for YOUR mind. It appears that they are winning.


The people who live in the USA are a reflection of peoples across the Earth. Most of the middle class here really wanted Ron Paul to win ... but they didn't rise up and revolt when his nomination was stolen from him.

Ron Paul said in his farewell to congress address yesterday that the use of police brutality around the world, watching as other economies go sour, will condition those here at home to justify amongst ourselves that the individual use of violence is somehow acceptable ... in the event that things were to go sour in this country ... and unfortunately, he's right.
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