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Message Subject You Americans love war, you crave it and it might reach your doorstep soon.
Poster Handle MuayThai
Post Content
So says a person from a country that has never had to fight for their freedom, Oh wait I forgot Germany was invading Aus. or the Japanese Bombed one of your ports, or had to fight for indipendance from another nation just to start your country, I mean starting out as a lepper colony was full of battles for freedom and indipendance!

No my friend I say STHU! or better yet SHFU! since you know nothing of our history and what the actual true American on the street feels or knows, you have been bashing the USA for so long your bgining to believe your own crap.

Get it strait, if we fight, we fight for god, honour, and country, our soldgers are the best, follow orders to the letter even if it is against what the people want or believe in thats the sign of a WELL trained army, and no matter how "out back" you think you are , we have little girls over here that would kick your A@#!, and no not Hunny Bo Bo, real Amricans.

So yea if we go to war, with Iran, Syria, Russia, China, You!, whoever, even against our own government, Americans will always win, no matter what, so flap your lips and believe the hype, and we will go on kicking A**'s even yours if we have to.
 Quoting: superjesse13132000 1139449

Look at the strawman argument here people hahaha.

You don't fight for freedom and that is nothing but a bullshit schoolyard argument to dumb the discussion down.

None of the wars after ww2 were for peace or freedom.

You were fighting someone else's war and it didn't matter to you at the time until after you lost all those lives.

Keep banging on with you pathetic "freedom" slogan.

You guys are like the gift that keeps on giving.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27619458

So what is your solution? I'd be interested in hearing it from someone who let the gov't disarm the people "down under" as we yanks call it. You people are largely defenseless, on an individual basis, and have jack boots on your necks.

When the going gets tough, you'll always cry for the USA to save you.
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