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Message Subject You Americans love war, you crave it and it might reach your doorstep soon.
Poster Handle ShillsRUs
Post Content
Look at some of these threads - prepper, gun and ammunitions, best place to hide, war in the middle east, China and Russia etc

On and on it goes.

It's funny how much time and effort you to just to prep yourselves for a war that could come to your doorstep but its too hard for you to think about changing the course of history through revolutionary thinking - peaceful and intellectual means.

So while on the surface you say you don't want this, the whole time you have been preparing for this and you're waiting in anticipation.

You love it and you crave it and you will get it.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27619458

No one in their tight mind wants a war. Only the lunatics of the military industrial complex want to make money off of one.

It seems the Democrats have never met a war they did not love.
 Quoting: NightWisp

Seriously Wisp....I think you have lost your fucking mind. The military industrial complex is bought, run, and owned by the Repubs.
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