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Message Subject You Americans love war, you crave it and it might reach your doorstep soon.
Poster Handle MuayThai
Post Content
Hahaha gotta love the responses from these closet war mongers.

Can't bring the troops home because the war ain't over.

Can't slash the military spending but government has to stop spending lol.

Can't cut the welfare money that is spent on the military industrial complex because that would mean loss of jobs lol.

Can't speak up against the war because you don't want to offend anybody or get in trouble with government.

Can't support someone like Ron Paul because he's not electable but he is the most sensible than all of Washington combined.

Fuck this is too funny.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27619458

Ron Paul is retiring and there is no one to take his place who will take the heat he did and be ignored by his peers. Nothing but good to say about him, but the times are a changin' and not for the better.
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