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Message Subject My mom talks to me like Im an idiot.
Poster Handle eve incognito
Post Content
well just stop letting her get away with it.

patiently, but firmly start calling her on it,every time she talks down on you.

do that every time you see her, until she will either be rady to aknowlidge the fact that ur growing up now, and she should start treating u like aa grown up, or till ull just not visit respect her anymore, or listen to her mean words, coz why u need her disrespect and bad vibes.

i assume ur a teenager or young adult, and its not good for a man to let his momma walk all over him like that, u cant find a nice gf if u are frustrated like that, coz ull develop aversion to women and what not...so save urself a lotta trouble and therapy, and start asserting yourself in ur mamas eyes.
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