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Message Subject How humans are not physically created to eat meat
Poster Handle Guenwyfar
Post Content
since i became vegetarian i have seen my

Stamina x 4,
strength x 2,
speed x 2 ,
eyesight x 2,
hearing x 4,
sense of smell x 5,
enhanced taste budís x 2.

now i have talked to a lot of none meat eaters about this and not many of them have seen any kind of increase like i have but they do see improvements.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 4901221

Here's what you have to remember... every single person has slightly different nutritional needs. I attended a tai chi class while in college and my instructor was vegan. He promoted that lifestyle but at the same time he said that everyone has slightly different needs. Not all people are meant to cut meat out of their diet completely. I think the more important thing is knowing where it came from and what has been done to it. You personally seem to be one of those people that does not need meat. Cool, glad you went vegetarian. I tend to go downhill when I don't eat meat. And before you suggest it.. my diet is high in dark leafy greens and alternative sources of protien. I plant an extensive garden of heirloom veggies and fruits year to year and have a very diverse diet.
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