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Message Subject DEVELOPING: Train in Midland Texas crashes into parade hitting truck full of veterans
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Hopes and prayers for everyone.

The railroad is not at fault here. look at texas on a map. it takes a day to get across that state at 60 mph this train was going 55. if it was going 55mph it was on flat, straight rail.

Please forgive me for speculating. I hope am wrong, but I am guessing parade organizers spent more time making sure the corvettes and harleys were there than having spotters and private band radios for the drivers of an unsecured precious cargo load like this. spotter tells semi driver that the train is coming, he pulls into the ditch, dumps 'em all out. they all still go to the hospital but nobody dies.

Bah, back to the hopes and prayers.
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