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Message Subject BBC Arabic stages photo op 'death' of 11 year old boy at hospital.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
he was not 11 years old, he was 11 months old.

and Israelis routinely do shit like that. When you hit one of the most densely populated areas in the world randomly you will kill many babies.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27808088

When you're stupid enough to attack a neighboring country that is far superior in military might, and you do so knowing that when they retaliate your civilians will most likely pay the price, you are known to the rest of the world as a COWARD.

If the big bad ass muzzie shit-lickers are so confident and brave, then go to the front lines and confront the Israeli military face to face...I didn't think so....you scum would rather sacrifice your women and children so that you can crawl back into the serpent's den like the snakes that you are
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 10132842

Sheesh, it's not another country. That's their land dumbo that was stolen from them, just like you stole the native american's lands and then called them barbarians for resisting you. and if u didnt hear, the Israelis have targeted Gaza more than once in the recent past, and this current conflict was sparked by their assassination of a Hamas leader (along with members of his family like his child - typical Israeli extrajudicial killing).
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27808088

How in your mind, do the 1200 missiles that Hamas has launched against Israel, not have anything to do with this.

Or how about the death of the pregnant woman and her unborn child, a man who won't get to see his children grow up, and a 24 year old who had his entire life ahead of him. These people are worth a millions times the life of a single terrorists@!@!!

For the good of the world, the Arab people need to either stop trying to kill everyone, or be wiped form this Earth.

 Quoting: samanthasunflower

You can say the same about Palestine, except more since many more Palestinian civilians get killed. Is the blood of an Israeli more holy than that of a Palestinian? Why do you bring the example of a pregnant mother who got killed when you ignore an 11 month boy who was killed just because he is Arab and not Israeli?

and your last sentence says it all really. Typical racist. Truth be told, if Israel is wipes of this Earth then 99% of the problems with Arabs would disappear. But no, the West must support its forcibly created colony at the expense of its relationship with the entire people in that region, just to please its Zionist pals.
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