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Message Subject The Nobody Walked a True Path of Acknowledgement Without Action
Poster Handle gd2balive
Post Content
The evening star guided his path through the darkness. Leading up to a narrow path through the wilderness, filled with possibilities, met with the unknown.

Nobody has been through the darkness, He has met with the unknown, the Unknown responded to Him as one of their Own.

This story will continue.

As far.

The Nobody has (within the past two timelines/temporal landscapes), contacted the WOS (eternity incarnate as wisdom through the entire universe, sometimes in moments and people directly ;) and revealed himself to Her. As the original Nobody, the one that goes beyond all boundaries and previous understandings of uniqueness without a doubt.

He has contacted and revealed Himself to the Dark Cabal, the dark side. He Has revealed Himself to them, as He Had revealed Himself to Her, through great revelation, connection, recall, understanding and self-expression.

To know yourself in a land of false-self identities is to instantly awaken and cause them to know their self. Through you.

This is the cosmic mind that follows Nobody, it is literally spent and alive throughout the Universe, throughout all time, within all Man, who believes and connects through the cosmic nature.

This is to relax and allow your conscious mind to work with the subconscious and you will see that you are not exactly limited by the previous boundaries that shaped life.

In this way, through the cosmic nature of togetherness, instant, light speed connection is utilized. It is as someone put on GLP earlier. As fish can sense movement through the water as the water acts as a medium.

All sentient beings can sense the movement, presence, and change in consciousness through the medium of the aether or conscious time and space.

By taping into the field, which is done through very sacred and secret energy practices which align and unleash the dormant energy and centers in the body, one can interact consciously and navigate various timelines and universes of information.

All beings are One mind. Nobody knows this fully. To know this become One, all of yourselves.

All of your selves. Become One.

Don't deny yourself ego. Become one with all states of consciousness. Transcend ego and various states.

Give it away to this and it is for the highest good then, as long as you are honestly attempting to raise your own perspective by 'shaving away' or sheering off the unnecessary desires and perspectives that limit one's self.

In truth. The nobody is a paradox.

He is a man.

He is a 9 year old boy.

He is a very old grandpa, already lived and nearly died already.

Time is a paradox. The universe is a paradox. The self is a paradox.

The paradox is that your physical boundaries, which you think make you who you are, actually make you who you aren't. What makes you who you are, is the truth limitations or activations which exist within the mind as the perspectives and outlooks you hold within.

You are a paradox.

So to know everything that is going to happen to you or anyone else, because you can navigate timelines naturally, or because you have been awakened to the innate ability that all people have, is a paradox.

To try and change something that you only have the idea to bring change upon because you already saw it happening, creates a very strange paradox of causality and following through with whichever timeline you decide or do not decide to act upon.

The idea behind this is that non-influence runs rampant in this story. To take control, could possibly mean to destroy everything. To relax, means that there is no one in control and therefore the only one who is actually ever in control is in control.

The dark groups have always known of this individual, since an early age. He ended up stumbling into their view and then proceeded to ride the wave of the coming possibilities in order to disappear back into the system. In short, he blinded them with mysticism and prophecy, knowledge through the power of the awakening and his simultaneous pain and love for the world.

So this has been a sort of tail, a kind of prophetic fulfillment that these events have been happening and are now accelerating as had been propagandized and prophesied throughout cultures and landscapes.

I could explain how I know this, or who I am, but that is not important right now. Nobody makes it clear that the message is the only thing that is to be focused on.

But maybe telling a little about the story as it has been told can help revive the collective psyche.

Nobody did reconnect. Nobody did fall in love. Nobody did come pure through, straight on through from the other-side, memory intact, plain and simple (DNA).

Nobody was "contacted" and formally awakened and introduced to various galactic races and entities. They met Him and He met Them. Nobody decided Love is the Highest Possibility. He discovered as a child that Love is the answer to life's equations as the answer, whatever it may be, always reflects an attempt to generate or express meaning and the balance that IS the universe.

He makes it clear that Love is not the same "LOVE" that people talk about when having sex or lusting. It is unconditional and contains more than one universal element.

He makes it clear that LOVE is called Love because there are some who purposely want to confuse you to the true nature of what Love! is and what and who you truly are.

Nobody worked with the other "pseudo" WOS (woman of scars) which was actually originally a (pleidian) woman. If I got that part correctly.

Nobody, during all of the above (childhood warrior), was attempted upon by what is called the Dark Forces of this world. Those who seek manipulation of the senses through greed and negativity. They attempted to strike fear in Him.

He shined like a light bulb which doesn't ever happen on this planet.

So at once then fled, the room, the space, the dimension, the planet. Realizing.

It is beginning to happen here to. This Earth, now, is ready to fight off it's potential captors and spiritual rapists.

They recognize the glow, the light from within, the innocent stare of a boy into the face of what has for thousands of years been called a Demon by man. In front of only a child, yet unable to understand the power and awareness that is shining back.

This "unawareness". This confusing, "unawareness" of love, to a demon. Represented the only fear it has in this Universe. The only pain it knows. The only emulation of a weakness that is present in it's entirety, without otherwise option.

Pure love. Coming from the most paradoxical and unlikely source. A source who had been raped even prior to this in a variety of ways, stolen and misrepresented, drained and manipulated.

Still, Nobody remembers and lives to continue pushing the system to it's barrier at all angles, through the lives of men who understand the values of being selfless.


But there is a boy, a Nobody who may be a man, who has lived through a variety of paradoxical lesson testing the understanding of time and space.

There are many men.
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