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Message Subject The Nobody Walked a True Path of Acknowledgement Without Action
Poster Handle 1908247
Post Content
So, who are you to know this about him, OP?
 Quoting: Saptaparna

I have seen Him.

He did the impossible. I witnessed it. It was like prophecy, there were others there, they were like the forces of evil to the warrior or Christ. I couldn't believe it, but now I am awakened to the truth.

I always knew these subjects and looked for metaphysical truth, but apparently people exist already through and through with the knowledge and they do not have to be told.

I believe it is biblical. They said He could cast out a demon by speaking with empowerment into the body and mind of the possessed.

That sounds like many things, but if we factor in the possibility of higher dimensions, quantum mechanics, experiments like the double-slit experiment.

Extra-dimensional universes, timelines, etc etc.

It would then seem that it could be possible that a person could activate their mind to work with their body, to utilize cosmic information and balance of energy, to both heal and inform or awaken the central nervous system of those around.

In a very real and biological sense.

I have studied and looked for these things my whole life and I believe I was given the gift of getting to witness this first hand!

It knocked me off my feet and I recovered just now!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25601325


So, how would you define "casting out a demon" ?
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