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Message Subject Dairy Queen takes EBT cards. Pictures Proof!!!
Poster Handle Whole lee shit
Post Content
I always find it hilarious when well-off people try to proclaim what less wealthy people should or should not be eating, while stuffing their faces will all sorts of shit. (And these same well-off people will ALWAYS hypocritically raise hell if the government tells then what to eat- like overtaxing sodas or fast food or whatever)

If the poor people want to treat themselves to a snow cone every once in a while, who really cares?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 21257388

How many EBT cards do you have??

The problem I have with it is that tax payers have to pay for the food and drinks they order along with the wage of the people preparing the food. Therefore, the food I order and pay for out of my pocket cost less then the food ordered and paid for by an EBT card. That's bullshit.

It is not fiscally responsible for the government to allow people to use there EBT card in that way. Going out to eat or going through a drive thru is a luxury not a necessity.

I want a yacht and a Ferrari but those are luxuries that I cannot afford and an EBT card wont buy those things for me.
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