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Message Subject Are there any former birthers here?
Poster Handle mrclean
Post Content
You fail for using the media's derogatory term: 'Birther' as if it's some kind of ridiculous idea...

Anyone studying the empirical data on the subject knows the truth of the matter. He uses a fake SS# from 120 years ago and his 'Birth Certificate' he posted online was discerned as a fraud by thousands of photoshop experts around the world.

Read what Sheriff Joe found out about him. We all know he's a Marxist infiltrator.

Even if his birth certificate were somehow magically 'real'...his parents WERE NOT BOTH U.S. Citizens...that in itself automatically disqualifies him.

But no.....let's ignore the rules for a black communist.

Obama is the symptom of the disease. America is just sick to the core.
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