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2012 My dates of doom, continuation, previous and following events -- thoughts

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User ID: 27829085
11/15/2012 08:52 PM
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2012 My dates of doom, continuation, previous and following events -- thoughts

This thread will be a continuation of the following thread: Thread: LA Sinkhole / Storm Sandy / ME conflicts - Please help and please allow me to help. - This is Yer ground Yah

This thread has been done to keep focus on the dates I established, which was the main reason to create the other thread.

The first thread shouldn't be discarded though, as it has much info and reading the right posts you can really understand how this works and what this is all about.


Very Quick catch up: A prediction made on april about the botomless pit of the fifth trumpet on early august. LA sinkhole first notice on 3rd August. Sixth trumpet prediction is for 21st Dec.

I had a experience on the 29th July. From the 30th July to 21st December there are 144 days.

The botomless pit, the abyss, the Tuat, has very special significance. On egyptian mythology I got the Hours of Appolonius, which are twelve, each represented by an arcanum of the Tarot.
The 12 hours are those 144 days. So we divide 144 per 12, we have 12 periods, each lasting 12 days.

Upon this new depth of my predictions I made the other thread on the 16 October. The Eight Hour of Appolonius would start on the 22nd. It was related to Sandy reaching the US, as you can see on the previous thread.

The Ninth Hour was from the 3rd November to 15th November, which is today.

Some things were listed for this period on the other thread, but I believe the most important of them was the solar eclipse on the 13th, matching a new moon and some planetary alignments.

The moon cycles are related to this.

Election on the 6th should also be noted. And most recently the intensification of conflicts on the Middle East.


Today is the 15th, the last day of the Ninth Hour and the first day of the Tenth Hour.
So the next period to watch for is from the 15th to the 27th.

The Tenth Hour of Appolonius is represented by the Arcanum 19(1+9=10):

[link to www.vopus.org]

If you sum again, 1+0=1, this is related to the first Arcanum aswell, which is related to Kether, and to the 10th Arcanum which is The Wheel of Fortune.

So, what to watch for now?
Actually I'm not so sure tounge

I'm still feeling a very strong earthquake could come before november ends. Maybe a volcano eruption.

Also, the Eleventh Hour will be interesting. It starts on the 27th and on the 28th we will have another eclipse, this one matching a fullmoon.

Well, that's it. If nothing happens this thread goes to the dump. But if my main course of predictions continues to match events, things could intensify pretty soon. I guess by the end of november we could be already surprised.. and of course, by the end of the year we should know if all the buzz about 2012 meant something at all.

Maybe nothing happens.. who knows? It could actually be something not many of us would perceive.

Fact is, ITS interesting times we live on, you can't deny that.

I believe, though, that before the end of the year, S will HTF, as you use to say. My effort is to bring matters to light and at least prove this all as a possibility.

I'll keep an eye for things and perhaps bring more info on the Tenth Hour.
1908247 (OP)

User ID: 27829085
11/15/2012 08:53 PM
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Re: 2012 My dates of doom, continuation, previous and following events -- thoughts
I feel the urge to drift the attention from the DOOM aswell. The intent of my work is not to spread fear or anything of that kind.
There is something, and it is printed all over, it's a sense of pure love and light, this pure scent, regardless of all its surroundings, is what we should put our focus on.

YOUR mind is stronger than you know, and it can do much more than you have been told.

Find meaning through things. It does not matter if S will HTF or not.



Anonymous Coward
User ID: 27680739
United States
11/15/2012 11:45 PM
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Re: 2012 My dates of doom, continuation, previous and following events -- thoughts