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Message Subject Wow, marvelous! One Catholic prophecy answers so many questions...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
To me, it's pretty accurate.

The soon could be as soon as the sun gets around to be in the sun sign of Aquarius, from Earth's point of view. The brown dwarf is opposite in the sky, and has been in the sun sign of Leo for quite some time, now, it seems.

The manner of passing into the new dimension, "instantly", coincides with the "soon", because there is an electrical stream which flows between the brown dwarf and the sun. It is this electrical stream which caused Comet Holmes to outburst in October 2007. If, when, we get into this electrical stream, then Earth will begin her expansion, from 7000 to 10000 kilometers in diameter - the earth's core is 7000 kilometers in diameter. Those who do not die, will see their bodies transition also..


We have to prepare ourselves for this transition, by purifying our lives, and our bodies, now, making them lighter and more buoyant, able to receive this energy, without failure. We have to approach the new energy as much as we can, now, so that the gap, when the time comes, is not so great, and our bodies will be able to assimilate the shock, for that's what it will be, and integrate the energy, instead of falling into disintegration, both emotionally and physically. The word Anne uses in her French talk is "vaporize", because our bodies and the earth, to this present dimension, will become more vaporous, of a less dense nature.

It's something to look forward to, but we have to be prepared for it also.
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