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Message Subject I live on the East Coast - Something Flashing In The Sky
Poster Handle clapon
Post Content
About a week ago at 12:45 till 1:00 am i observed at the level satelites fly a bright white flashing light .It flashed bright white with an interval of almost 30 seconds.
So I got out my 20 X80 binoculars and observed a dim flashing light that flashed 3 times and then 1 brightflash.
I observed this event while looking to the left of the constellation of orions belt. I was told if you hold your arm straight out and spread your fingers as a measuring tool, I measured about a 5 inch spread at satelight flying allitude, it took 15 minuets to cross 5 inches of sky. I am sorry I was unable to give degrees of sky. It was flying on a southeasterly course.
I think it was possibly a star cruiser of some sort.
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