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Message Subject I live on the East Coast - Something Flashing In The Sky
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
About a week ago at 12:45 till 1:00 am i observed at the level satelites fly a bright white flashing light .It flashed bright white with an interval of almost 30 seconds.
So I got out my 20 X80 binoculars and observed a dim flashing light that flashed 3 times and then 1 brightflash.
I observed this event while looking to the left of the constellation of orions belt. I was told if you hold your arm straight out and spread your fingers as a measuring tool, I measured about a 5 inch spread at satelight flying allitude, it took 15 minuets to cross 5 inches of sky. I am sorry I was unable to give degrees of sky. It was flying on a southeasterly course.
I think it was possibly a star cruiser of some sort.
 Quoting: clapon

The most indispensible piece of equipment on any star cruiser is the bright flashing light. Tormenting cows and rubes would be nowhere near as much fun without it. Which is why I am convinced that most ufos are alien pranking teens.
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