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Jordan DeCourcey
User ID: 27845626
United States
11/15/2012 11:20 PM
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Sadly the same conditions exist as in the Civil War.
The Fedral Govt. seizing property,eliminating Habeas Corpus and violating your rights to Privacy. Hawaii already has used the Unconstitutional Sullivam Act to block your 2nd Amendment Right to Bear Arms. This was insurance from the Founding Fathers so Dictatorial Governments could not be formed. We should be as strong as government. Since we are the Government. Noe Janet Napalitano and the CZARS and GOP Fascist think they own us. No her in Hawaii we have Socialism and apparently we like it We like 30% on welfare and 47% on foodstamps. We bock any change We let the DOE produce seniors who can't read. We jail the indigenous who we trained to be illiterate. Then we blame them for selling pot to feed their kids. I work in DPS. Our governor spares no expense on prisoners. Literally we spend nothing.
We just produce more criminals. Nationally we have trained a third of the population to expect hand outs. If you make 40K Expect 2K extra in taxes according to Bernie Saunders, Now we can believe this man he and our Governor both have spoken at the Democratic Socialist of America. So while Texas and States who produce products and educated minds can secede hawaii will only have those who can read secede.
Sort of limits the odds of success