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Message Subject My Barber is Ex-IDF Sayeret and He Gave Me a Warning and Good Advice Tonight
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
My barber served in the Israeli Defense Force Sayeret. He is still young. We watched the news as he cut my hair around 8 pm EST. We usually talk about our families, but this time I asked him what he thought of the mess in the ME...and he surprised me and said "we are the last generation." Then he said "it's unfolding before our very eyes," and that the destruction of Israel is inevitable. He said that the reason why Obama was re-elected was to usher in the final countdown. I asked him what I could do to prepare, and he said "spend time with your family." So instead of food inventory and cleaning weapons tonight, I will instead light a candle and play some piano for my wife. Time is short my friends. Take the advice of my barber. Good luck to you all.
 Quoting: Surgeon

so lets see if I understand the situation, the guy was an elite tribal specops for his nation allegedly chosen by god to rule over all others, and somehow decided to leave his nation and come here to cut your hair.

Uh huh.

Sometimes a guy just wants to emigrate to another nation and cut some hair..
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