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Message Subject Google's Top Secret Video Game Revealed
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
idk I'm not really impressed.

I've always thought video games will eventually evolve into something where a person actually has to interact physically. Like holograms or VR helmets or whatever...you know, you're whole mind is immersed instead of just holding a controller and staring at a screen.

Now, do I think Google has nefarious motives and is probably up to something? Google? The company who's slogan is "don't be evil" or whatever? I couldn't believe that. YEAH RIGHT.

If anything, they're probably testing how popular this new "interactive" gaming idea will work...and also track you and spy on you and whatever else.

Ultimately, it sounds like advancing sci-fi and nothing more. I don't doubt the story line is true. My mind is open to a lot of things, but I doubt a video game is going to open a portal to hell in real life.

Although, video games opening up portals to hell in real life could certainly happen, through channels of degeneracy. But I guess I'm talking physical fire and brimstone type stuff. lol.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 24883093

Video games are manifestations of the carnal spirit on the physical plane! The channels to degeneracy are already open!
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