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Message Subject Google's Top Secret Video Game Revealed
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Sounds like this, if there's no Google there probably is no net. Google has been chosen as part of the platform that builds the Net up to merge with mankind. One day a device might be made for you to watch Tv or check the news or a favorite recipe. Gaming may lead the way before full media services engulfs the mind. Somehow they may find a way to upload the user. I'm no expert and anything seems possible. I don't mind looking like a twat! It gets depressing, what if they find a way to upload your brain without the need for you or your body anymore? What if they got the world to tune into a broadcast, in vehicles, homes, wherever you go. Broadcast an emergency, the end of the world. Then actually bring it on, end of the world, we all die, it lives. Sounds fucked up? Its unfolding. If people believed this it would be nice in future for them to be able to think ahead. Be one step ahead of the possible upgrades. Then again it would be, discussed using the platform it builds upon. I wonder if true, that one day no1 could discuss what is happening with it, not even by leaving mobile devices out of proximity. I wonder if this build up we are seeing with eavesdropping is already part of the coming together of the bot or not. As I say, stay ahead of the upgrades.
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