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Message Subject Google's Top Secret Video Game Revealed
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Its all in there, you just have to look and listen.

At 9 seconds you read this:

"Ingress is a tool
Ingress is an instrument
Ingress is a weapon
Ingress is not a game"

while hearing that "global security could be at risk"

Then they're mixing resistance and enlighten, like if you know, you're on the wrong side of the fence.

"decrypting the data was the mistake" - you shouldn't have done that.

"This is not psychosis or some cognitive break but an actual takeover of the mind" while we see a conspiracy theory board

"Our freedom/future is at stake" - from what?

"Much of the public sculptures found in our cities in based on designs seeded in the human mind." - Like all that Freemason shit that we find everywhere we look?

"Certain places have an energy that not only attracts people but attracts events" - Would be nice to use those public attractions to fuck with a large number of peoples minds.

Then the big reveal.

"The mission of 13Magnus is to monitor the effects of mind hacking. Obviously this will be done with highest of security, to make sure that the ideas do not contaminate or threatens humanity." - There goes freewill, out the window.

Oh no! How can we fight this evil takeover? Im glad you asked. Here is this nice piece of software that you can use with your super fast handheld computer to help us spy on everyone everywhere and/or analyze "anomalies" on the field, for us. Its gonna be even cooler when paired with our Glass thingy coming soon.

"I must be prepared to work with them or fight them"

I heard you loud and clear.
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