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Message Subject Superior beings created you...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
837 I would like YOU to respond.
 Quoting: DooglivedoG 27847150

837 I would like YOU to respond.
 Quoting: DooglivedoG 27847150

The duality crisis is a basic level emotional constraint put upon young societies. Republican - democrat, Christian, Muslin, good, bad, female, male. It is the oldest trick in the book to create fractional societies that are easily contorted by the duality creator.

Humans are easily controlled by emotion and ego - you are far above this, you are far greater then this. You are supreme as you are is-be's. You will not die, you will go on for eternity as a free energy, this world is a prison for is-be's. You are not supposed to be here, none of us are. The old ones developed and control this illusion, they created religions, they created multi languages, they created division and duality, they created economy, anything to keep you occupied from knowing what you truly are.

Calm yourself, take a deep breath and know you can fly across the universe to any place you choose, YOU are consciousness, YOU are alive with the one, YOU are special, YOU are in control and once you understand that they falter, they weaken, they quicken to their own demise.

We can manifest anything we desire, ensure that the desiring is good for the whole that is the only Universal law.

There is no doom, there is only a paradigm shift and then a new beginning, those who did not wake up were not meant to and will be lost as they are.

The "one" is coming - that means you are all waking up to become the "one", we are one with many who are many out there as amongst us. Prepare for the beauty of what comes next, it will be... awesome.

There is no fear as we live on... Forever in spirit.. remember this..

You are part of the one, we are all part of the one..
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