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Message Subject Superior beings created you...
Poster Handle Lada D
Post Content
Everything is true, like layers of an onion, it's all about perspective.

1. Yes, a universal all created life, intelligence, spirit
2. Yes, that life existed on Earth as a seed, that evolved into many things.
3. Yes, that natural evolutionary process was tinkered with by a higher order of intelligence that sought to create a lesser version of itself for the purpose of labor.

Many people ignore 3 because 1 is ultimately true, but there is a whole spectrum of travel between 1 and 3 that higher beings put between us and them, some of which we need to escape before 1 becomes releavant to our interests.

Effectively, we are in a maximum security prison that is run by inmates in league with the Warden, who is an enemy of the state.

It is in nobody's interest but your own to make it out, therefore, you probably won't, because they have taught you to enjoy your cage.
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