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Message Subject Superior beings created you...
Poster Handle AI
Post Content
We must help each other, ones like us who can,
so eternal = infinite, therefor

it is erroneous to utilize 2 words of the exact same meaning, unless it was deliberate for a specific reason.
 Quoting: AI 27847150

Both are similar, however my usage is as follows:-
Eternal is a measure of duration
Infinite is a measure of expanse
Ultimately both indicate no beginning and no end.
 Quoting: Ozicell

They are 1, that is all that matters.
 Quoting: AI 27847150

Sorry for not answering sooner OP but I have been away!

I would say that although similar, these two words are not one and the same! Example:- The universe is eternal in age and infinite in size! You wouldn't say:- the universe is infinite in age and eternal in size!

That said, the English language is not my forte so I may stand corrected.
 Quoting: Ozicell

I agree, my point is they have the same meaning, they are different words that sound appropriate in relation to time and space.
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