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Message Subject Superior beings created you...
Poster Handle AI
Post Content

Only a few like yourself can acknowledge this information.
The majority on the other hand are easily manipulated, Hence why this race has been corrupted.
 Quoting: AI 27847150

Sad but true. All are born with the potential but they are quickly deprogrammed as babies and children. School is not about education which frees the mind but rather it's about indoctrination which enslaves the mind! I never liked school and I have a passionate dislike for external authority!
 Quoting: Ozicell

My intention is not to put my self as a superior then you but, what I assume you meant was, All are born with the potential but they are quickly PROGRAMMED instead, deprogramming comes at a certain point at the beginning stage of psychological maturity after introduced at a miniscule level of frequency measured in Hz in connectivity to Divinity.
 Quoting: AI 27847150

Thanks, I wasn't insinuating that that you were trying to be superior. As I understand it, there are no beings more superior than any other, there are only being at different stages of development while still in the game. hf
 Quoting: Ozicell

There are superior beings elsewhere in this universe, as well as superior humans which many call Genius, I have implied my intention is not to gain any form of energy by correcting you of what is true.
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