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Message Subject Superior beings created you...
Poster Handle dunno really
Post Content
Maybe they created our physical, emotional and mental bodies we find ourselves in, and maybe even our souls, to enable the former 3 bodies, but the spirit ... that enables the soul, I don't believe they created that, and I believe that "they" have the same spirit from the same source.
As to why? Nothing I can prove to myself yet but I'm guessing it was because we were in a state? to be convinced of it being a good thing[coming here], when in fact, it was a trap of their making.
We are in a great cosmic ball bag and to escape into life, we must recognize our Divine state and "prove" it by way of life in all the bodies we have found ourselves in. And this in a harmonious way, as we see in Nature without our interference.

Who knows? They who do have probably left, or are walking alone in this place, or are helping it go on??

/massive shrug, but there is my current answer.

Other than that we may be in "hell" and seek a piece of it, to be successful here in it? Which may/would be extremely erroneous.

Whatever the case may be, I cannot accept that the Great Divine Source would keep us here for the "figurative eternity", it may just seem like that to us in our current levels of comprehension/willing acceptance??.
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