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Message Subject Superior beings created you...
Poster Handle reluctant participant
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No one can answer the questions you ask. Its by design. Our creators gave us just enough intelligence to get by without ever knowing the fundamentals of their master plan. Simple self producing bio units with very limited smarts.

Genius !!!

I donít aspire to want to know anymore once I realised this. It was then that my appreciation for living things was elevated, especially towards humans. Someone, somebody or something made us. They designed us different from all other forms of life. We are the only living creature on this earth that knows he will die and subsequently lives his life in accordance to this knowledge. We are preoccupied with asking questions that can and never will be answered and in doing so miss the whole experience of just living. We destroy in the name progress and treat out birth place as a disposable object. No other living creature in the world does this. We should let go of our egos and see life for what it really is, limited and precious. What happen when we die is irrelevant. What does it matter if there is an afterlife or not? Would it be any better than this physical life? We donít even get along in the present. Sad.

Any attempt to concretely define who made us, what is our duty, what is our destiny is nothing more than speculation. By accepting this and just living you will become more in tuned to the universe and see the beauty of your fellow brothers and sisters. Who knows, the world just might become a better place!
 Quoting: Bobman 9278389

Sounds like a first class gyp to me.
If life is a gift then why give it and then take it away?I was here and then I wasn't big deal.............and whats the point?
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