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Message Subject Superior beings created you...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
When "we" leave the physical body dies.
Sounds like a graven image to me, tsk tsk

Create them in our image.
Again ....

Not [fully] bagging the supposed superior beings [fallen into limited physical ..... calling the envelopers as superior? Dunno bout that..] but who what when why created theirs, and if we have life before entering into physical, or souls, and this being a lesser state, the intention cannot be benign, unless we needed learning, to be in harmony with what is, or we severely lack in understanding and who what when why is the cause of that lack?

Because we cannot [the masses] recollect what we are, or were, before this, what do we have as comparison? Can spirits eat? So why do we if we are spirit? People call it starvation or mental illness and are locked up, drugged and so on and that will not help us understand, whilst here.

Tis a craaaaaaaaaaazy world
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