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Message Subject Superior beings created you...
Poster Handle AI
Post Content
I am God. We are all God. God is conscious. Each of us are at different levels of conscious, but we are all conscious nonetheless.

This Universe is a hologram, a learning experience, a game to understand what it is to be conscious. A projection of ourselves.

The human body is nothing more than a biological suite that allows you to physically experience this octet of existence (3rd dimension).

We are made up of energy. Protons, electrons, neutrons.

Proton = positive
Electron = negative
Neutron = neutral

This means we all have good and evil within us.

Love = Positive Vibration
Hate/Fear = Negative Vibration

It's your choice whether you will vibrate with good or evil intentions.

Intention manifests your thoughts into the action on the physical realm. Without intention, thoughts are nothing.

Your pineal gland is your tool for directly accessing the "prime creator".

and... to answer your question...

We are the superior beings that created us. Because we are all one, one conscious experiencing infinite possibilities.
 Quoting: MajesticEye 23747689

Humans have different consciousness levels, we are not god the circumstances of reality are self evident...

God only means superior of an inferior, consciousness...

The word has been confused with the Primary Creator/ Universal mind that penetrates everything and everyone in this universe...

Divine Law is the law of the universe, which was created by the superior to every being with in it's creation....
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