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Message Subject What is the best appetizer?
Poster Handle Guenwyfar
Post Content
I do a lot of cooking my favorite appetizers are cheese sticks.

I make mine.

You buy a bag of mozzarella string cheese

a few bags of croutons, Italian herb is my pick.

Crush the croutons and make em real fine

now make a batter out of flour

you can now either cut the cheese sticks in half or leave em whole... depending on how many people you gonna feed.

Its just for 3 people here so I leave em whole...

ok take cheese stick and dip in batter and roll in crouton powder

drop in deep fryer until golden

(sorry that recipe format prolly sucks, I was never good at telling others my recipes lol)
 Quoting: Dr. Acula

I make this too except I always cut them in half. Its just easier for me to manage. You can fry them in a small amount of oil on the stove top as well. Sometimes I use wonton wrappers instead of crumb breading.

Buffalo wings is one of our favorites though we don't have them often. Buy wings, separate the drumettes and the wing tips. You can save wing tips for making broth later on. lay them out on a foil lined pan, brush them with olive oil and dust with sea salt, pepper and garlic. Bake at 450 until they're a nice golden brown (takes about 20-30 min). Brush with wing sauce and bake again for about 5 minutes. Usually residual heat form the first baking cycle is enough and you can turn off the oven.

Salsa- Grab a cookie sheet and cut 4-5 tomatoes in half, lay on the cookie sheet. Peel and cut an onion in half and put that on the cookie sheet. Cut the stem and take the seeds (or leave them if you like a bit of heat) from 2-3 jalapenos and lay them open side down on the sheet. Cut the root portion off of a head of garlic and lay that face down as well. Put the sheet in the oven at 350 until the skin of the tomatoes is splitting. Put the tomatoes in a blender/processor and blend, add onion, peeled garlic (roast it in its skin), and peppers. Add salt, pepper, cumin and small amounts of sugar. All seasoning is to taste.
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