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Message Subject What is the best appetizer?
Poster Handle Dr. Acula
Post Content
I do a lot of cooking my favorite appetizers are cheese sticks.

I make mine.

You buy a bag of mozzarella string cheese

a few bags of croutons, Italian herb is my pick.

Crush the croutons and make em real fine

now make a batter out of flour

you can now either cut the cheese sticks in half or leave em whole... depending on how many people you gonna feed.

Its just for 3 people here so I leave em whole...

ok take cheese stick and dip in batter and roll in crouton powder

drop in deep fryer until golden

(sorry that recipe format prolly sucks, I was never good at telling others my recipes lol)
 Quoting: Dr. Acula

Thanks, I will give this a try.

Got the gist, sounds yummy and easy! Never made my own mozza sticks. Fried anything is great, and fried cheese is greater!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 6069405

thats the golden rule :)

fried cheese is the secret to happiness!! lol

i'm a cheese stick junkie and the homemade ones are so good!
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