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Message Subject Why do Americans care about Isreal>>>
Poster Handle MindShaft
Post Content

I repeat. What the hell are you smoking?

Plus; - read a post before you respond. Your unintelligble reply had zero to do with my comment.

P.S. My political leanings are slightly to the 'right' of Ghengis Khan ...

What say you now, 'O, - enlightened one'?
 Quoting: MindShaft

LOL if your to the right of Ghengis Khan, I'm still very far right of you.

Anyhoo, I doubt you are. You're a mouthpiece of the libs who attack Israel.

I say, I don't like the yids (they vote 80% Spendocrat after all!) but I LOVE Israel and the "Zionists" ;)
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27848208

If you characterize me as a 'lib' the you are so far off the mark that it's almost funny ...

I despise the whole concept of the fake 'Israel'. It and it's supporters both over there and here in the US are the root cause of 99% of the problems that we're having to deal with right now.

Fuck you, and your pathetic attempt to profile me.

 Quoting: MindShaft

Fine whatever, go back to your voting booths and vote for Obama or whatever.

Israel is our buddy. Its like we're like the ancient Roman Empire and Israel is like the Armenians fighting the Parthians. We need them to spoil the greater menace. You have to learn to fight one enemy at a time genius. You can't all spaz out and try to fight everyone at once. Spaz.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27848208

WOW. So ignorant that ... I'm almost speechless.

Israel is NOT our 'buddy'. Which mind control program did you just graduate from?

Israel is like a distant cousin that can never get a job, so it's always bugging you for a loan, - one that you know will never be repaid, because - lets face it, - they're unemployable.

Then you find that your direct family is needing your support, - but you just don't have any more to give, because that leeching distant cousin has spent all of your spare capital and pledged collateral.

Fuck Israel - and everyone who still thinks that they deserve anything but contempt.

Especially those that believe that a collection of short stories compiled into a book hundreds of years 'after the event', and revised countless times ever since, somehow is a guidebook to moral behavior and a prediction of future events.

Grow the fuck up.
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